Hello World!

JacqiHead3Welcome to this website. Eventually I will be featuring my books here, but right now its purpose to to keep you from getting a 404 error page.

My REAL website is over at PanamaDaze.com, where you’ll find all sorts of information (nearly 200 posts as of August 2014) about daily life in Panama’s Azuero Penninsula and a bit about me and my books.

If you have an interest in Panama, you’ll find all sorts of fascinating things on PanamaDaze.com – local customs and fiestas, finding a place to live, food, managing your money, dealing with the techie side of life in the tropics, the joys (and embarrassments) of learning Spanish, resources, heat, sickness, health care, exercise, beaches, tide charts, etc.

I invite you to join me there.  Just click to go to PanamaDaze.com